LT-3X6M 4片面 蓝色 (2个窗) 直角折叠棚 补货中

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LT-3X6M 4片面 蓝色 (2个窗) 直角折叠棚

Lotto 3 x 6m Two Windows Practical Waterproof Folding Tent Blue

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包装尺寸 长: 121.00cm 宽: 25.00cm 高: 35.00cm 包装重量 22.600kg


Tent is a practical item for daily use, widely seen in the outdoor activities such as camping or picnic. If you happen to need a tent for own use, this 3 x 6m Two Windows Practical Waterproof Folding Tent may be a great choice. It is designed into 4 sides, with 2 windows that ensure good ventilation. Made of premium 210D oxford material and steel materials, it is of great durability and solid structure. Waterproof fabric makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is easy to install and use. Most of all, it is quite space-saving when it folds. A convenient and stylish item!

1. New and in a good condition
2. First-rate steel and 210D oxford materials, fine workmanship and meticulous treatment
3. Excellent ventilation with 2 windows
4. Won't take up too much space when it is folded
5. It is a sort of waterproof item, fit for outdoor use especially
6. Protect you from scorching sun light and rain
7. Button design, convenient to assemble and disassemble
8. Every side has a hole to tie the nail firmly and make the tent more stable

1. Material: 210D Silver Oxford Fabric & Steel
2. Color: Blue
3. Dimensions: (118 x 236)" / (300 x 600)cm (L x W)
4. Weight: 49.16 lbs / 22.3 kg
5. Waterproof: Yes
6. Suitable for: All Kinds Of Events
7. Height of Roof: 100.39" / 255cm
8. Door Quantity: 2 Pcs
9. Window Quantity: 2 Pcs
10. With Periphery Cloth: Yes

Package Includes:
1 x Tent
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Instruction

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