【WH】铝合金升降洗澡椅8档 / 带靠背 / PE坐凳 / 橡胶脚垫 白色

Aluminum Alloy Lifting Bath Chair 8 Files With Backrest PE Seat Stool Rubber Floor Mat White

包装长*宽*高:59.00 * 39.00 * 14.00(CM) 毛重:3.000(KG)

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Product Description
In bathroom, owing to the slippery floor, less support, dizzy caused by long standing, the elderly and the pregnant is likely to be in danger in the bathroom. So this Aluminum Alloy Lifting Bath Chair 8 Files With Backrest PE Seat Stool Rubber Floor Mat is a good choice for reduce accidents and provide a comfortable and safe bathroom environment. Adopt high quality plastic and aluminum alloy, it features lightweight, waterproof, durable and safe. It also uses thicken tube wall and anti-skid pad, which has a strong bearing capacity and is reliable for use. Moreover, with design of backrest, the elderly can enjoy an ease shower. So what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate, just buy it to guard your family!

Product Features
1. Made of high quality aluminum alloy material, eco-friendly PE backrest and seat, waterproof, anti-corrosion and not easy to rust
2. It has handrails on both sides of the board, easy to move
3. Ergonomic seat board and backrest, comfortable to seat and lie on it
4. If no backrest is needed, the backrest can be dissassembled
5. Can be used as a bath stool or a normal home chair, suitable for use in a variety of places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, hospitals, etc

Product Details
1. Bracket Material: Aluminum Alloy              
2. Seat Board and Back Material: PE Blow Molding Board
3. Foot Mat: 4 Rubber Foot Mat
4. Adjustable Gear: 8 Gear ;Each hole:2.5cm
5. Non-slip Seat Plate Thickness: 1.18" / 3cm
6. Width: 16.33" / 41.5cm  Length: 13.97" /35.5cm
8. Seat Height: (12.99-20.07)" / (33-51)cm
9. Seat Width: 12.20" / 31cm ;Seat Length: 20.08" /51cm
10. Overall Height: (26.77-33.858)" / (68-86)cm     
11. Backrest Length: 15.35" / 39cm;Backrest Width 6.69" / 17cm
12. Load-bearing: 300lbs / 136kg
13. Product Weight: 7.04lbs /3.2 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Bath Chair
1 x Manual

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