Thermostatic Mixing Valve CTM505

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Name: Thermostatic mixing valve

Original: Guangdong, China

Material: H59 Brass

Finish: Chrome

Water pressure: 0.6-1.5MPA

Connection Size: 1/2" male inlet, 1/2" male outlet

Usage: For Shower Constant Water Temperature

Item Weight: 1.47 pounds (666g)



--All 1/2" male thread

--Durable brass body

--Connect to hot and cold water - and mixed out

--Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) cartridge, precise control and long durability

--68-119 ¨H/20-48¡æ Step Adjustment


Package Details 

Package Weight: 1.47 pounds (666g)

Package dimensions: 5.9*5.1*4inch

Package Quality:1

Package list: 1*valve

Net Weight: 550g

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