Vacuum robot cleaner-White

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ORIS FUR. Loveseat Leather Sectional Sofa Reclining Sofa Couch Recliner Chair Leather Accent Chair Set for Living Room

ORIS FUR. Loveseat Leather Sectional Sofa Reclining Sofa Couch Recliner Chair Leather Accent Chair Set for Living Room

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Key Product Features

Product Advantages:

1. Ultra-thin body: the height of the body is only 3.15inch, easy to clean the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa.

2. Ultra-low noise: The working noise is less than 55 decibels, which does not affect watching TV or sleeping.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: working power is only 30 watts, 3 hours per day, only 1 kWh per month.

4. Remote control operation: wireless remote control, let children develop a good habit of loving labor in entertainment.

5. Six cleaning modes: automatic mode, edge mode, point cleaning mode,auto recharge,schedule cleaning,anti dropping. 

8. Cleaning 3 in 1:Vacuum & Sweep & Mop

9.Patent design of Turbofan & Air Duct for stronger suction power

10.Unique appearance design from famous design team LKK

Intelligent functions:

1. One-button operation: American carbon film touch switch, all-round induction, the machine automatically enters the working state, saving worry and effort.

2. Automatic charging: automatically find charging station charging when there is no power.

3. Smart appointment: By appointment function, you can freely specify the time when the machine starts working.

4. Intelligent anti-collision: 11 pairs of sensors are arranged in the front shell of the machine, and the objects such as vases and antiques are automatically bypassed.

5. Intelligent anti-drop: 4 pairs of sensor heads are arranged on the base of the machine, hitting a drop of more than 8cm, automatically retreating.

6. Super suction:  sucking off the ground rubbish, anti-winding.

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